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Event Horizon EBooks

Event Horizon EBooks is an eBook-specific imprint. We specialize in backlist fiction, particularly in science fiction, fantasy, and mystery, but we will consider almost any fiction. Using a combination of new processes and the latest technology, we produce high-quality ebooks that have the look and ease of use of printed books, but which include the latest in multi-media content.

About Us

Our Editorial Philosophy: "From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it." - Groucho Marx

Event Horizon EBooks is a fiction, eBook specific imprint. Our primary mission is to use modern processes and technology to bring backlist, classic, out-of-print science fiction and fantasy novels into the modern media of eBooks and make them available to a new generation of readers.

While Event Horizon EBooks does accept submissions from unpublished authors, we maintain high editorial standards. We will accept very few works from first time authors, and then only works of exceptional quality.

Editorial Policy and Interests

We are interested in fiction in the following categories: Science fiction and fantasy, mystery, horror, humor, historical, romance (not erotica), modern mainstream, young adult, children's books, and anthologies (single author collections, shared universe or theme collections). We are most definitely not interested in fan-fic or plagiarized versions of popular literature or other media.

We are also converting a limited amount of RPG gaming materials to ebook format.

We are interested in good, solid fiction. If you want to write for us, keep two points in mind: Story and Character.

We may, during the editorial process, identify specific unpublished and previously published works that we may consider to be a fit, either in eBook or print or both, for one of our other imprints. If so, we will make a contract offer to the author for publication under that imprint.

Submissions Policy

We accept electronic (email with attachments) submissions from individual, unrepresented authors, and from literary agents.

New/unpublished authors: If you are an author who has never published a book-length work, send an email query with a list of your publications and your writing experience and attach a one-page synopsis and the first three chapters of your novel.

Established/published authors: Use the same procedure as new authors for a new, unpublished work. For a previously published/backlist book to be reprinted as an eBook, send us an email query with a description of and full information about the book, its previous publications, sales in each format, and type of manuscript available (print or electronic).

Reporting Time: We have a huge backlog of previously published books slated for production, and of new/unpublished book submissions. We have a small editorial staff. Although our policy is to reply immediately to queries and submissions to inform the author or agent that we've received the communication, we make no provision for the exact time frame in which we will reply with a contract offer or a rejection to a submission. We have no policy against simultaneous submission and suggest that an author continue to submit the work elsewhere while waiting on our final reply.


Any interested author or literary representative may request (by email) a copy of our standard contract.

For new, previously unpublished books: We do not, as a rule, pay advances for first novels by first-time authors; we will consider extending an advance payment to an established author. Whether submitted by a first time author or an established author, we pay ebook royalties triennially as per our standard publishing contract. We offer a royalty scale that is equal to or higher than industry standard and is based on net sales.

For backlist books/previously published books: We offer, instead of the industry standard ebook royalty based on retail cover price, a split of net royalties that far surpasses the industry standard royalty schedule. Our standard is 50% net to author, 50% net to publisher. We pay royalties triennially instead of biennially. We provide the author not only with a copy of the final ebook file, but also of the edited word processing file so that the author may use it to exploit foreign rights, other rights not included in our agreement, and to preserve the electronic version for the author's future use should our agreement terminate.

We do not pay advances for backlist/previously published books. For backlist books that require OCR scanning, a new cover art, new cover design, extensive editing, conversion from obsolete formats, hypertext indexing or other major production work, we do charge production fees. We will generally defer the cost of production as an advance against royalties.

We offer two plans by which the author may earn through this advance, depending on the author's choice:
1) we subtract production fees directly from royalties collected until the advance is met; or,
2) we collect the larger share of the net royalty split until the fees are reimbursed, at which point the split percentage shifts back in favor of the client. We do not require the author to pay any portion of the production costs up front.

Any and all production fees that are included in the advance will be defined in detail in the contract.

Book Trailers:

Click on the cover image to view the trailer for Tin Woodman, the classic starship novel that the authors adapted into the screenplay for the Star Trek: Next Generation episode of the same title.

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