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Welcome to Lone Star Publishing, where you'll find the best in quality nonfiction and fiction books, audio books, prints and posters, and much more. We're a new firm, but we're not new to publishing. Our printing staff and our editors, authors, and artists are devoting their many years of experience in different phases of the publishing industry to creating quality works that we hope you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Regarding subjects other than sales and order status inquiries, please contact us by telephone, e-mail, or regular mail and bring your request to the attention of our staff by using the notation, "General Inquiries."

Lone Star Publishing
2023 S. Texas Ave.
Bryan, Texas 77802
Phone: (979) 779-2300
Fax: (979) 779-9635

We plan to offer our readers more than just books: streaming audio of radio shows and author readings, audio books on CD, author and artist appearances and book signings, an e-book subscription service, bulletin boards, and more. We'll post updates here as we bring these services on-line.

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