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Fields of Interest

History--general American; Texana, Texas and Southwestern regional subjects; American Old West; Native American and other ethnic; military; law-enforcement

Nonfiction--biography; general Americana; art; cooking; Christian and religious experience; military; law-enforcement; self-help; technical; educational; travel

Fiction--young adult, children's, and Christian and religious fiction; including modern, historical, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and American Western fiction

Other products, including audio books, art prints, posters, calendars

We are primarily interested in acquiring literary and commercial quality works that will conform to the high standards of our publishing and production process.

Submissions Policies and Process

While we are at present working with specific, established authors and within a limited initial schedule, we may at some point in the future open our submission process to first-time authors. We are most interested in developing a cordial and preferably long-term working relationship with the authors who sign with us.

We will not accept any unsolicited submissions, and we will return unsolicited submissions unopened or discard them. Query first with a one-page outline of the work you wish to submit, along with a list of your published work and credits. If, upon approval of a query, we solicit a submission, the submission must consist of a full book proposal in the case of a nonfiction work, or the first three chapters, an outline, and a synopsis for a work of fiction.

At this time, we are accepting open queries only and exclusively from accredited artist and author representatives and literary agencies, and only for established authors and artists. Agents who believe that their clients' work might match our publishing requirements may contact us with inquiries only--no manuscripts, outlines, or synopses without prior query approval, please. Agents may contact us via telephone, e-mail, or regular mail. Please bring submission queries to the attention of our staff by using the notation, "Acquisitions Editor."

Lone Star Publishing
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Phone: (979) 779-2300
Fax: (979) 779-9635
Attention: "Acquisitions Editor"


Lone Star Publishing's editors and authors have collaborated to create a standard publishing contract based on elements of our many years of experience in the industry and the recommendations of recognized author and artist organizations. This contract's advance and royalty structure, reserve on returns policy, and rights and revision terms, are based on these recommendations and experiences. We believe that the terms of this contract are unique within the industry.  We will make a copy of our standard contract available to accredited author and artist representatives upon written or e-mailed request, depending on approval by our publishing board.

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