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Petrogypsies, by Rory Harper - eBook
Petrogypsies, by Rory Harper - eBook
ISBN 978-0-9819866-7-8
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In an alternate universe, organic, semi-sentient, alien engineered oil field drilling rigs roam the plains of Texas and the Southwest in search of petroleum. Petrogypsies is the first novel in Harper’s series about the great drilling beast, Sprocket, his best friend, Henry Lee MacFarland, and the rowdy, musical crew of “petrogypsies” who travel with them in their quest for fortune, romance, and adventure.

For Sprocket and Henry Lee, it was love at First Blow-Out

   Henry Lee MacFarland is a big, ugly man, a farm boy who is so strong that he’s had to learn to be gently, whether he’s dealing with livestock or normal people. Sprocket is a hundred and twelve feet of healthy young male Driller, dark as a moonless night, with a spiked tongue that can bore four miles into the earth in his relentless quest for the thing he loves best—Texas heavy crude oil.

   Doc, Razer, Big Mac, and the others in Sprocket’s crew are the roughest, rowdiest bunch in the oilpatch. They live inside of Sprocket’s body and travel like gypsies from one drilling job to another. They work like animals. Party like ‘em, too.

   Then there’s Star, the stunning Casing gypsy who has a hankering for fine cigars, a killer instinct at poker, and a liking for big, ugly, strong men.

   Looking for adventure, Henry Lee leaves the farm behind and signs on with Sprocket’s crew. He gets a helluva lot more “adventure”—as in monsters, mayhem, and murder—than he bargained for.

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