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Bloodsong! - Hel X 3, by C. Dean Andersson - eBook
Bloodsong! - Hel X 3, by C. Dean Andersson - eBook
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Omnibus Edition, including three expanded novels: Warrior Witch of Hel, Death Riders of Hel, andWerebeasts of Hel

For the first time, C. Dean Andersson’s three epic fantasy Bloodsong novels are gathered together in a digital omnibus! Revised and expanded, cover painting by Boris Vallejo


         Join in the Bloodsong saga, a grand tale set faithfully in the mystical world of_Scandinavian mythology—a world of gods light and dark, of monsters and heroes, of flashing blades and a mortal warrior’s desperate determination set against the uncanny forces wielded by her immortal enemies.

Bloodsong and Freedom!

"Bow not your head!" Odin ordered.

Bloodsong quickly raised her head.

His expression softened. "You are free, Bloodsong, you and all your people, free by your own deeds. I have heard the war cry they scream in their thoughts. ‘Bloodsong and freedom,’ is it not? And so it should be, for if not for your leadership and your rebellion, you would this day still be Hel’s slaves, fighting against me and my allies instead of by my side to break Hel’s power and banish Her beneath the Earth.

"The Orlog of your bloodline will be a hard one, Bloodsong, and often your warrior descendants shall curse my name for the pain and suffering I shall set in their paths. But without battles and challenges, warriors grow soft and weak, and those who follow me must ever be strong, and free, as are you and your people."

Odin raised his spear toward Bloodsong and her assembled army of Corpse Beasts. "Bloodsong and freedom!" Odin shouted in his thoughts.

Bloodsong raised her chin high and held Odin’s gaze. "Odin and Asgard!" she shouted back with her thoughts.

"Odin and Asgard!" thought first one Corpse Beast, and then another, following Bloodsong’s lead, until soon her people were all repeating the battle cry over and over again.

“Freya and Folkvang!” screamed the Valkyries as Freya raised Her spear. Other battle cries arose from within the ranks of Odin’s forces, cries to Thor and Sif, to Frey, to Skadi, to Heimdall, to Frigga, on and on, while from behind Hel’s lines came only the silence of the grave.

And then the battle began.


 “The Heavy Metal of Fantasy adventure.” — Publishers Weekly

“Forged from the same steel as Robert E. Howard's Conan.” — Richard Lee Byers, author of The Year of Rogue Dragons

“The best of the best in Fantasy.” — Huntress Reviews

“Non-stop action and characters you care about!” — Dag Rossman, author of A Walker in Shadows

“In a fierce world of magic and danger, tales of a warrior, a woman, Bloodsong!” — Angeline Hawkes, author of Out of the Garden: Tales of the Barbarian Kabar of El Hazzar

“A great trilogy! Top-notch Fantasy!” — Christopher Fulbright, author of Red Chalice

“C. Dean Andersson’s writing is fearsome and up-front.” — Graham Masterton

“Takes readers down pathways the rest are too timid to explore.” — R.A. Jones, author of Deathwalker

“C. Dean Andersson?s writing will hammer you.” — John Steakley, author of Armor

“A classic to read again and again.” — Curled Up with a Good Book Reviews

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