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Mongrels and Misfits, by Beth W. Patterson - eBook
Mongrels and Misfits, by Beth W. Patterson - eBook
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An eclectic collection of song lyrics, poems, ruminations and stories from New Orleans bard Beth Patterson, one of today’s hardest-working singer-songwriters.

Praise for Mongrels and Misfits:

"From the virtual desk of Deliah Moonraze, Music Historian, 2113:  The chords and the lyrics of Beth Waggoner Patterson are a matter of record, eight track tape, cassette, CD, and aural-implant, and as far as I'm concerned her sound was raw and from the heart, but any way you look at it, she was unique—the last of a rare breed to crawl out of a halo full of bootleg gin, who grabbed a Bouzouki guitar and made her Celtic Rock roar. By the truest measure of good old Nawlins, she was the ultimate Stage-Babe, and unlike her contemporaries, who ended up in diminutive house concerts or on a garage band floor on Valentine's Day, she beat the odds and lasted, a meat and potatoes crooner all the way, who for years was the undisputed vice lord of her own live venues. She was unique—and she was hot." —  Michael H. Hanson, poet/author, creator of the Sha'Daa series

“Literary allusions and auditory illusions. Every song is a fresh delight.” — SF/fantasy author Jody Lynn Nye 

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