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for Authors and Publishers ...

Are you:

An author (or an association of authors) who wants to better control the quality of your own work using the new avenues made available by eBook and digital print technology? Do you have a backlist of marketable print books that your publisher isn't interested in re-releasing in eBook form? Do you feel that your time is best spent writing instead of dealing with the time-consuming, technical details of eBook production, print production or marketing?

A literary agent or estate representative who is looking for a better production and/or marketing venue for your authors’ works?

A manager or editor of a new or established imprint or press that could use quality production and/or marketing assistance for your print and eBooks?

A print publisher who wishes to move your list into eBook sales, but you're not satisfied with the quality of the eBooks you've already had created by a third party? Do you need a faster, better provider of high quality printed books and materials?

A corporate editor or publications manager who needs to migrate technical/process manuals, annual reports, or other corporate publications into eBook format?

A trade association or an educational institution that needs the assistance of a vendor who can produce quality print or electronic publications?

If so, Event Horizon Publishing Group is your solution. 

We will craft a package of our services to best meet your needs.

Our eBook production staff and our associated printing firm offer full production and professional services to our associated imprints, to small, regional and corporate presses, educators, academic and educational organizations, technical and professional associations, and individual authors.

Production ...

eBook Composition:

We use our exclusive composition processes and the latest technology, applied by our dedicated association of professional technicians, artists, and editors to produce high-quality eBooks that have the look and ease of use of printed books. Our eBooks are carefully designed and constructed with: high quality cover art and design; detailed reproduction of art and images; properly placed embedded images and art; title, copyright and dedication pages that are print quality in appearance; flow text that is kerned and tracked to achieve the closest approximation of the readability of a print book while maintaining the adjustable flow font and text capabilities of an eBook; paragraphs, scene and chapter breaks, and headings that are correctly spaced and placed; punctuation, italics, bolds, accents and other special characters that print correctly on the screen instead of being replaced by HTML characters or ignored; embedded hyperlinks and searchable indices, table of contents, chapter links, and cross references. We offer quick conversion to all formats (ePub, mobi, Stanza, etc.)

We are capable of converting everything from simple texts to illustrated/image-heavy and indexed books, and even children's picture books and graphic novels, into print quality eBooks.

We use all of the same techniques and attention to detail to produce books on contract as we do for the authors of our own company imprints and our associated imprints. If you simply want to have someone produce high-quality eBooks for you to market personally or through your own new or existing imprint, we will provide you with a package of services designed to meet your needs.  Or, you might want to consider signing on with us as an associated imprint (see below).

We submit our bids for eBook composition based on the cost of materials and services provided.

Print Production:

We are associated with a full-service printing company that is experienced in producing fine books.  The printing plant uses three Heidelberg offset presses (two-, four-, and five-color, the latest Hewlitt-Packard Indigo 7500 digital press.  We can produce perfect-bound trade paperbacks in-house, or hardcover fine books through one of our other associates.

We can work from finished digital files provided by a client to complete a print project, or we can start from the beginning with a manuscript and provide editing, art, design layout, press preparation, and final printing to produce a high-quality edition.

Our full-service shipping and warehouse staff facilitates order fulfillment.

We submit our bid for print production based on the cost of materials, labor, and services provided.

Associate Imprints ...

Do you want to create your own imprint, or to migrate an existing imprint to achieve higher sales visibility, but you don’t want to maintain a sales site or deal with book vendors and standard distributors?  If so, you should consider signing on with us as an associated imprint. We maintain and promote our associated imprints on our sales and marketing site in the same fashion as we do our own company imprints.

At the basic level, we insert associate imprint book lists into our sales site, our online downloadable catalogs, and in the hyperlinked back-of-the-eBook catalogs inserted into all of our company imprint eBooks, and reciprocally include our company imprint eBooks into Associate imprint books. We can, depending on the level of service that the Associate Imprint desires, provide complete or partial eBook composition and print production, handle all sales through all of our vendor outlets and our own sales site, offer assistance in setting up and maintaining a social media presence (Facebook, Goodreads), running online advertising campaigns, obtaining reviews, setting up author interviews and events, and obtaining print advertising and promotional materials. As always, we can craft a package of services designed to meet your needs.

Advertising and Promotion:

We maintain a Facebook page for each of our imprints and sometimes assist our individual authors in establishing Facebook pages for themselves, or even for individual books or series.

We run targeted Facebook ads for our company sales site, company imprints, and our individual book releases; we list and recommend all of our company’s books on Goodreads, and run some specialized sales site, imprint-oriented, and book-specific advertising through that site.

We run advertising for our sales site and company imprints, as well as book-specific advertising in online review sites and online book-oriented magazines and other online media; we occasionally run print advertising.

We’ve established a relationship and presence with online and print reviewers; we’ve arranged for some of our authors to be interviewed for online podcasts, radio, television, and other media.

We arrange book signings and author events for our company imprint authors whenever possible, particularly at literary and media conventions. For book signings and other public events, we provide printed promotional materials such as posters, bookmarks, catalogs, and cover flats (particularly useful for “signing” eBooks).


 We provide online downloadable catalogs through our sales site. We also print a limited number of catalogs for traditional print markets.

We include hyperlinked sales materials and revolving hyperlinked catalogs in every one of our company imprint and associated imprint eBooks.

We market eBooks, print books, and other products through all of the established online sales venues and directly through a growing client list of independent and chain bookstores, as well as through our own sales site.  We also market both our print books and our eBooks directly through agreements with major literary event and convention dealers. 


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