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The Adept (Book 1), by Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Turner Harris - eBook
The Adept (Book 1), by Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Turner Harris  - eBook
ISBN 000-000-0000
POSelID p136
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Warrior ... Doctor ... Knight ... Detective

Defender of the Light!

He is Sir Adam Sinclair—nobleman, physician, scholar—and an Adept. A man of great learning and power, he practices arcane ancient arts unknown to the modern world. He has had many names and has lived many lives, but his mission remains the same: to protect the Light of the world from those metaphysical criminals who prowl the Dark Road.

Now his beloved Scotland is defiled by a ruthless cult of black magicians who will commit any atrocity, from murder both physical and spiritual to enslaving the dead, to achieve their evil ends. Only one man can stand against them ... The Adept

PORTRAIT OF AN ADEPT — A face began to take shape on the blank page—a lean-bearded face, with deep eyes and a patrician nose above a stern, passionate mouth. The face was surmounted by a conical helmet of steel over a chain mail coif, in the style of the late thirteenth century. Adam’s own eyes widened as he realized that Peregrine was seeing him not as he was now, but as the Knight Templar he had been nearly seven hundred years ago ...

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