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Sorcerer’s Legacy, by Janny Wurts - eBook
Sorcerer’s Legacy, by Janny Wurts - eBook
Sorcerer’s Legacy, by Janny Wurts - eBook
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Widowed by a violent conquest, imprisoned as a spoil of war, spirited Lady Elienne encounters a formidable visitation inside her locked cell. A powerful, unknown sorcerer promises her a reprieve in trade for a precarious fate: safe transfer from her ruined duchy to another world, there to become chosen bride for the Prince of Pendaire. But the perilous bargain depends on her late husband’s unborn child, with the defenseless infant birthed as threatened centerpiece in a deadly struggle to upset the succession. Alone with bare wits, Elienne faces entanglement in vicious intrigue, herself the target for ambitious usurpers already plotting Prince Darion’s downfall through dark magic.

 Sorcerer’s Legacy drew Raymond E. Feist to invite Janny Wurts as collaborator on the Empire trilogy, involving another resourceful heroine from the other side of his Riftwar series.


Captive in a world of warring magic ...

“DARION!” Elienne’s cry raised a gust of wind. Glassware tumbled. Then the air before her spit, cloven by sorcery. Within the rent appeared a tall figure clad in wet riding leather and gray wool cloak. Soulfocus light blazed down on sodden white hair and the familiar lined face of Taroith.

“My Lady!” Taroith’s summons cut urgently through the soft sigh of the flames. “Come to me, quickly.”

But a thin, red bar of light shot between them, barring Elienne from the Sorcerer. Golden and surly in his spoiled black doublet, Faisix lifted his voice in challenge. “If you wish the Lady's company, Master Taroith, you must win it from me.”

Taroith said, “You are foolish to contest me.”

“Spoken like a true and loyal Master of the League,” Faisix sneered. With the grace of a panther, he stepped across the tangled wreckage of his study. “If you want the woman, fight for her.”

“Strike first, then,” Taroith said softly. “And remember whose choice initiated this conflict….”


Through her combined career as an established professional novelist and her background in the trade as a cover artist, Janny Wurts has immersed herself in a lifelong ambition: to create a seamless interface between words and pictures that explore imaginative realms beyond the world we know. She has authored eighteen novels, a hardbound collection of short stories, and twenty nine contributions to fantasy and science fiction anthologies. Novels and stories have been translated worldwide, with most editions in the US and abroad bearing her own jacket and interior art. Her imaginative paintings and cover art have appeared in exhibitions of imaginative artwork, among them, NASA's 25th Anniversary exhibit, Delaware Art Museum, Canton Art Museum, and Hayden Planetarium in New York, and been recognized by two Chesley Awards, and three times received Best of Show at the World Fantasy Convention.

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